April 26th, 2009

This is a blog about our family.  A perfectly normal family complicated by size – me, Ines, our five boys, Sascha, and the cat.  Eight people and a cat, living in a big (thankfully) house on a hill in a small town in Germany.  We haven’t always been such a large family.  Only last week, it seems, it was just the two of us, Ines and me, in a terraced house in Brixton, staring in disbelief at the congratulations strip on a just-bought pregnancy test (from Tesco, along with a litre of ice cream, the demand for the latter triggering the purchase of the former).  Ines was already packed to go travelling, to China, and we both sort of assumed that our relationship would peter out over the coming months.  After all, we’d only been together a few months, and most of that at weekends, me to Germany, or her to London.  This changed things, particularly as neither of us was at all interested in having children.

That’s Ines below, 14 years later, taken over Easter 2009 in Berlin on holiday with our big boys (we split them into the big boys – Janic and Jonas – and the little ones – Joshua, James and Julius).


Observant readers will notice they all have names beginning with J. Curious readers will wonder what the cat is called, and will not be surprised that it is a) a boy (what else?) and b) Jack.

How did we get from Brixton to Berlin?That’s what this blog is about. Nothing all that exciting, the usual family drama and humdrum.